Throw a successful hen party

Here are our top 10 tips to throw a hen party…

1-It’s all about the bride to be. Find out what she wants from her hen night and take into account her personality. A party girl will want a wild night out!

2-Set the date with the bride to be. A week or two in advance of the wedding is the usual.

3-Make a reservation at the venue in advance especially if there is going to be a large group of hens.

4-Don’t forget to send out invitations to the hens

5- Who is going to pay? Make sure the hens know up front how much the night is going to cost and try to keep within everyone’s budget.

6- Play safe and pre arrange transport to get all the hens home or back to their hotel.

7-Arrange some daytime pampering such as a spa and makeover and then a photo shoot with all of the hens.

8-Hen party games, gifts and accessories are a must. Get the bride to be dressed up with a bride to be sash, tiara and L plate!

9-Food is often overlooked. Most hens will want to eat unless they are in the minority who won’t want to eat because it will soak up the alcohol!

10-After the hen party, thank the hens for coming and give them a memorable gift or favour as a keepsake.

You can check out our full selection of hen party accessories right here

We would love to hear about your own tips for a hen party. Please share them with us on Facebook and Twitter

Hen party

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Wedding ideas


Your wedding day is a day to remember and cherish. Make sure your day is extraordinary by adding your own unique ceremony touches. We have collected 12  ideas for your wedding so have  a look  and get ready to be creative!




1- Make a change from the traditional seating!  Don’t keep everyone in a row.  Be creative and seat your guests in a circle or half circle.

2-Wear a wedding dress in your favourite colour and let the bridesmaids wear white instead.

3-Instead of carrying a bouquet of fresh flowers, why not opt for ferns or natural woodland features depending upon the season.

4-Rather than have the bridesmaids carrying traditional flowers, give them each a pretty clutch purse to hold.  Both functional and  a lasting reminder of the day.

5- Skip the rice and confetti and have your guests wave flags instead.

6- If the reception will be in walking distance of the ceremony, give each guest a helium balloon to carry as they walk to the reception.

7-Create your own cocktail and give it a special name.

9-Display photographs of yourself and the groom leading up to the special day.

10-Chose non traditional wedding invitations like these delightful church invitations


11-For your guests who arrive from out of town, give them a information pack on the area.

12-At the reception have a prop box where guests can dress up and wear funny hats and glasses.  A great way to get everyone talking.

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Can I stop my dog from chewing?

Dogs love to play, whether it be with squeaky toys or a pair of rolled up socks.  Most dogs will have a favourite play thing that keeps them amused for hours on end.  Toys which will stimulate a dog are a good choice when it comes to play things.


Just like humans, dogs and cats get bored too.  Cats tend to go to sleep when they are bored! Did you know that cats sleep on average  fifteen hours a day?  That’s a lot of boredom.  However, when dogs get bored, they want to play and this is when they need some toys to keep them entertained otherwise you may find them emptying out the rubbish bin because to dogs, a huge plastic bin makes a great play thing.


Dogs also love to chew, and they don’t care if it is your favourite pair of slippers or table legs or your carpet.  It’s a dogs natural instinct to chew, so the best thing that you can do is to get them a toy to chew rather than your clothes and furnishings!


Puppies on the other hand will chew because they are exploring their new surroundings with their teeth or they are teething.  The best things that you can do is to encourage your puppy to chew on his own toys and then show your approval when he chews on them.


Anxiety and stress can also make dogs chew.   This happens especially if they are left on their own for any length of time.  Chewing lets of a chemical called endorphins which in turns gives a calming effect to the dog.  At the end of the day, dogs will chew and this can’t be stopped.  What you can do is to give your dog suitable toys and relieve any boredom as much as possible.  This can be done  by playing or taking walks to the park or beach.


Rupert’s pet shop has  a fabulous selection of dos toys which are aimed to stimulate and provide hours of fun.


Rupert's pet shop dog toys

Rupert’s pet shop dog toys

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Delightful candle gifts

Over the years candles have become increasingly popular as gifts.  They add a certain atmosphere to any room, from cosy to sweet, summery or wintry, there is a candle for every season and taste!

Tea lights, lanterns, to scented and unscented, decorative and plain candles make very welcome gifts, especially if you can find something out of the ordinary like the ones we have here.  Let us save you time and money by sharing with you our own favourite candles which can be placed anywhere in the home.

While this Cinderella candle is perfect for weddings, it does not have to be limited to wedding celebrations.  Wouldn’t this silver slipper look stunning on a bedroom dressing table?

Beeswax candles are probably the best candles on the market that you can buy.  Not only do they last longer and burn brighter, they are also smokeless and have a natural smell of sweet honey. This beeswax candle won’t leave a sting in your purse, at only £2.95 it makes a great gift.  You can brighten up any home with a few of these affordable Beeswax candles.

Last but by no means least, these charming Kate Aspen woodland candles are sure to brighten up any room.  These would make an excellent gift for any woodland girl at heart.


Never leave candles unattended.

Make sure they are out of the reach of children and pets.

Don’t waste the wax of a used candle. Collect the wax and keep it to make new candles by melting it down & pouring it into a mould.

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Housewarming gifts

For couples moving into their new or first home, this can be both an exciting and stressful event. Now is the perfect time to help the happy couple on their way by giving them a thoughtful housewarming gift.  Some couples will have a gathering or party to celebrate their new home occupancy while others will prefer to receive well wishers on a more casual basis.


Did you know that the origins of the housewarming tradition in the United Kingdom dates back to when there was no central heating in the homes and the only form of heating was open fires.  The open fires were kept burning with firewood and as a housewarming gift, neighbours and families would bring bundles of firewood to warm the new home.  Hence ‘Housewarming’


We have selected three of our personal favourite housewarming gifts to share with you.

First of is this slate door plaque which can be personalised with your own message.  We love the rustic look of this gift which makes for a very unique housewarming gift.

Next we have this attractive looking money box which again can be personalised with your very own message.


This luxury bath towel set can also be personalised with a name embroidered on each of the towels.  Towels always make a welcome gift and with the extra special touch of personalisation we are sure that this towel set will bring a big smile to the happy couple.


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Asian themed wedding

Create a touch of the orient with an Asian themed wedding.  Here are some ideas which will help to  you to create the perfect setting for your Asian themed wedding:


Use outdoor lanterns to create a romantic pathway leading to the reception.

Chopsticks and fans are not only cheap and easy to get hold of, they also make for attractive table decorations.

Add a touch of greenery with bamboo and foliage.

Cherry blossom creates a romantic walkway as you take those steps down the aisle.

Bollywood for lots of colour and glamour.


This selection of Asian wedding favours and table decorations are certain to bring festive colour as well romance and good luck to any wedding.

Enhance your dinner tables with these gold glass tea light holders. These attractive glass tea light holders also double up as wedding favours because they come individually packaged with their own clear gift box and gold ribbon.


Don’t let fortune slip through your guests fingers.  These unique fortune cookie place card holders are the perfect size to hold your guest’s name or personal message.


After you and your guests have enjoyed the magic and vibrancy of your Asian themed wedding, let your guests take home a taste of the beauty of Asia with these lucky elephant bookmarks.


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Personalised greetings cards

We love collecting  and especially we like keeping greetings cards which have been sent to us.  We have a large box at home which is decorated with flowers and inside this box are our treasured cards.  More often than not on a rainy afternoon in the winter we will go through the card box and read the messages and think of our friends and family who have sent them.

Some collectors prefer to specialise and only collect certain cards such as antique cards ( Victorian cards are particularly popular), mother’s day, valentine’s day and wedding cards etc.  If you are a new greetings card collector then head to the British museum for some inspiration where you can see the oldest valentine’s day message which was written in Norfolk over 500 years ago.

Before sending anyone a greetings card, make sure that you pick a card with a difference to really get your special message across. And who knows, if it is really special, your greeting card could end up in the British museum one day!

This Bang on the door personalised greetings card is one of our favourites.  Not only can you personalise the card with the recipient’s name on the front, you can also add your own message which will be printed inside.

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Getting married on a boat

Lets have a look at some more unusual wedding venues in the UK.


The venue that I want to share with you today is sure to make your friends and family envious. How about holding your wedding ceremony and reception afloat on the HMS President.  This historic vessel was a flower-class anti-submarine Q-ship which was completed in 1918.  The historic HMS President is only one of the last three remaining warships of the Royal Navy which was built during the first world war.


Today this magnificent vessel is moored alongside the Victoria Embankment in London and offers panoramic views over the Thames and city of London including the London eye and St Paul’s cathedral.


This London venue has a large range of wedding packages including special midweek wedding packages which offer exceptional value for money. With a highly experienced events team the HMS President will ensure that your wedding and reception exceed all of your expectations.


Click here to find out more about having your wedding ceremony and reception on-board the HMS President.

HMS President

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Dinner party tips

Do you want to throw a dinner party that your guests wont forget?  We have a few useful tips that we would like to share with you.    As well as an memorable evening, most importantly we want you as the host to be able to relax and enjoy the dinner party. Now there is nothing stopping you to ahead and create your own stunning dinner table with our top tips.


1-Prepare a playlist and copy a selection of music that will last the whole evening.  This was you wont have to keep getting up and down to change the music and you can concentrate on your guests instead.


2-Decide on a theme or colour scheme for the table. It doesn’t have to be fancy.  Keep things simple and introduce thoughtful, personal touches.


3- We love the idea of personalised dinner napkins.

These personalised napkins come in a range of 13 colours including my own favourite colour, shocking pink and there are also 12 foil colours added to which you can chose your own motif or lettering.


4-This tip is often forgotten but it’s an important one so make sure that you warm the plates before serving!


5- Don’t be adventurous and try out a new recipe. Create a dish that it tried and tested.


6- Instead of using flowers as a table centre piece, why not create your own work of art and use candles and fruit or even pine-cones and pebbles.  We adore these silver and glass tea light holders which are sure to set off the right ambiance.


 We hope that you have found these dinner party tips useful and if you have any of your own please share with us.

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Valentine’s day facts

What makes the 14th February so special? According to Hallmark, more than 140 million Valentine’s day cards are sent making Valentine’s day one of the most popular occasions for sending greetings cards.  Here are 10 random facts all relating to 14th February.


1- While we are not certain of the origins of Valentine’s day, it is thought that celebrating the day began in the middle ages when halfway through the second month of the year (February 14th) songbirds would chose their mates.  One of the earliest examples of this notion is a poem written by Geoffrey Chaucer ”Parliament of Fowls’.


2-Henry VII declared St. Valentine’s Day a holiday in England in 1537.


3-The oldest Valentine’s card in the world dates back to 1415 and can be seen at the British Museum, London.


4-Richard Cadbury, son of John Cadbury the founder of Cadburys chocolate made the first box of Valentine’s chocolate in the 1800′s.


5-All over the globe, more than 50 million roses are given on Valentine’s day.


6- Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone applied for his patent ‘Improvement for telegraphy’ on Valentine’s day in 1876.


7- You are not alone.  More than 9 million of us send a Valentine’s card to our pets.


8-The Saint Valentine’s day massacre is the day when, in 1929 the murders of several mob associates were committed as part of the prohibition era between the most powerful criminal gangs in Chicago.


9-Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin on the 14th February 1929.


10-Doves are often on Valentine’s greeting cards.  The reason behind Doves being so prominent on Valentine’s day is because they mate for life and have become a symbol of love and loyalty.

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